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Speedtrap, Palmer Lake, CO

Last night we played our first gig with the current formation. Bob on lead guitar, Tod on drums, Byron on bass and Gaby on lead vocals and guitar.

The Speedtrap is a very cozy cafe/restaurant. I spent the gig drinking cappuccino and getting bumped by people dancing right next to me. It was so tight that I was almost stepping on Byron's feet.

We are still tweaking our set list. Many of the songs that we didn't know how the audience would take them were a surprise to us. People were singing along on Patty Smyth's "Sometimes Love Ain't Enough" and girls were screaming when they heard the first chords of Meredith Brooks "Bitch".

We have been practicing "Sweet Child o' Mine", I didn't care at all in the 90's when Guns & Roses were playing, I just couldn't get past Axl Rose's personality. I remember walking in the center of Buenos AIres and a music store was selling "Spaghetti Incident" CD for $3. Pretty good deal but not for me, I just kept walking. In other hand if Myles Kennedy was the singer back then I would have run inside and buy the CD immediately.

I think Myles Kennedy gave Guns & Roses songs a new life. So I decided to learn how to play Sweet Child o' Mine on the guitar, it took Urusai band a few months to get it right. But now we are pretty happy with the results and how we perform it.

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